Over the Desk: Volume 6: schoolgirl spanking tales

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Over the Desk: Volume 6: schoolgirl spanking tales

Over the Desk: Volume 6: schoolgirl spanking tales

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So I said to him please don’t suspend me, my Mum would be so unhappy, and he said that he didn’t think suspension was appropriate given the situation, and that anyway it was the end of term so suspension wasn’t really practical. A brief silent glimpse of an official caning in front of a crowd of thousands under the Zia regime, c. News report, March 2018: Interview with student who agreed to accept posterial CP from his Korean martial-arts instructor. During World War II after a French village was recaptured by the the Allies, the inhabitants of that village rounded up some of the woman who had been to friendly with the german soldiers, took them to a barn. The other thing that changed was that whenever I did anything wrong she would cane me right off giving me no choice.

I mean, I had been working so hard for the exams and that, and it just didn’t seem on that we had to do all this extra stuff, and anyway we had the whole summer to come so I could do it then. And it was just overwhelming – I mean I couldn’t sense anything other than this burning in my bum, but after a while – I guess it must have been ten or twenty seconds I felt him place the stick on me again, and whip it down again. Thailand: A video of the caning of a boy in front of his class which attracted media attention in 2013. I gave it a shake but there was no sound and so I concluded that there was no exciting secret inside.Two TV news films giving rival CBS and ABC takes on a 2007 bill (which failed) in Massachusetts that would have outlawed parental corporal punishment in the home. United States: 4-minute TV news debate on school paddling (Sep 2013) arising out of the case of a mother in Alabama who objected to it. A headmaster is asked to assist with some marriage guidance By Pat Greenham Chris and Louise Johnson have now been married for over twenty years and have two children both now in their late teenage years.

Having read the report, and, I must say, viewed the skimpy clothing you came back to us in, I feel there is no alternative but a sound dose of the cane. The production in which the desk was to be used was due to begin a week later and it needed to be delivered to the hall where the play would be put on, so that the final week of rehearsals could take place on the stage with all furnishings in place. Karen answered, carefully but clearly, where she had been, how she had got there, agreed that she knew she was out far too late, apologised that her clothes were far too revealing to be acceptable for a girl of this school (“Would you want appear before the Headmaster dressed like that? A local TV report (Aug 2009) finds differing opinions, and interviews a school superintendent who says many parents support CP. An unfortunate accident leads a young lady to make a difficult decision by Julie Baker My name is Julie Baker and I was born in Edinburgh in March 1956 and subsequently brought up in the same city.Protracted flogging by local mullahs of a teenage girl for running away from a forced marriage, 2010.

His mother had given permission for the punishment, but then complained when it left marks on his rear. The barrow swayed and I made a grab for the desk as it slid off the front edge; but that just made me lose complete control of the barrow and as I watched helplessly the desk crashed to the ground and then slid with increasing speed down the flight of steps. A few days after we’d brought the old desk back to the garage, I was mooching around the house about half an hour before lunch, both my parents being out at work, and feeling bored. The first account concerns a liaison between two officers who were witnesses at the punishment of one of the 12 WAAFs sentenced variously to birching and caning for mutiny in Aden during the 1940s.Red lines were now very apparent on the bare parts of her bottom, and protruded either side of her gym knickers. Miss Henderson reached for a piece of paper, and prepared to add some more details to the report form. Well neither of us believe it, nor does your mother, and you’re going to be punished for your lies and deceit. It was on the Saturday of the fourth weekend of my grounding that events conspired to cause a major upset.

And he told me to take off my blazer and lay it over his desk, so I did – my hands were really shaking – and then to walk round and stand facing the back of the chair.An opportunity arises for a student to make some extra cash By Julie Baker I am a twenty-one year old student in my final year at a central London university studying English literature. Well, Sir… well, we had finished work, and there were no more proper lessons, and we were supposed to be, like, preparing stuff for our projects over the summer hols. A North Carolina school district abolishes corporal punishment, though many local parents would have wished it kept. Well, I tried a few keys and, when they didn’t fit, I tried a chisel; and it sort of slipped and burst the whole thing open; and this was inside.

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