Academy Games | 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 2 to 4 Players | 60 to 120 Minutes Playing Time

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Academy Games | 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 2 to 4 Players | 60 to 120 Minutes Playing Time

Academy Games | 878 Vikings Invasion of England 2nd Edition | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 2 to 4 Players | 60 to 120 Minutes Playing Time

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This is such a simple design choice but adds a delicious amount of tension (and involvement) from the very beginning and it only ramps up throughout the game. In 878: Vikings – Invasions of England, players control the invading Vikings or the English nobles who are trying to withstand the invasion. Speaking of combat, I do like that each faction has custom dice, not just different in color but in the symbols and number of those symbols.

Mark your calendar for 12/27 at 1PM Eastern Time (ET) for a deep dive into the final stages of building this epic game. Moving units to non-city spaces also has the added benefit of allowing you to command-decision there, since you may only command-decision to a Shire already occupied by your units. As you can see, all of the units shown are placed on the card along with any other reinforcements that the Vikings might have from their units that Fled earlier Battles.The colors Black and Red are for the Viking Norsemen and Berzerkers, while Blue and Green for the English Housecarl and Thegn respectively. A player must play at least one movement card from their hand, which will indicate the number of armies that can move and the number of spaces those armies may move. In the picture above, this was my first attack of the game after the Vikings invaded East Engla Rice.

The card draw is random but each of the cards represent a historic leader along with a number of units for an invading army to be used that turn. Matt and Quinns taking on the streaming team of Creative Assembly, makers of the Total War videogames.The event cards may add a little wrinkle here and there to the overall flow of the game but all their game-changing rules are clearly presented on the cards themselves. Another minor complaint is around the card art – I’ve already said that the art is lovely but I would have liked to see more unique examples of it. The English play as the Housecarl, the Kings’ household troops, or as the Thegns who were regional noble Leaders.

I do this so that I have a better chance of killing a Berserker in a future battle and to make the Vikings nervous about my armies having enough men to take back my cities. There isn’t much you can do to impact/influence combat, so you’re at the mercy of rolling better and using enough troops to make sure you roll you maximum number of dice. My wife, on the other hand, kept using cards that pressed an advantage and I simply didn’t have an answer for it. If the ‘English’ defenders go first then their opportunity to react to the Viking invasion is stymied. A leader army can use remaining movement after the battle, but an army without a leader ends its movement where the battle occurs.Something like that to give movement options while also ensuring you have event cards at your disposal all game. My wife termed it to be War of the Rings Lite, and it does capture some of the aspects we enjoy about the battles in that game. The “Viking Age Expansion” adds several new scenarios, game components mechanics, and victory conditions to the 878 Vikings game, such as Christian Churches, Pagan Relics, Viking Settlements, Holy Places, and much more!

The game begins with the English faction player(s) setting up the unsuspecting forces of England by placing plastic army figures throughout the map. If a leader has no friendly units left on his card or in the Shire he’s in, he is defeated and removed from the game.One the first Viking player’s turn every round, they will draw the top card of their Leader deck and that will (usually) bring a leader into play with reinforcements. Cut into the foams are tailor-made compartments where you can safely accommodate everything from miniatures and Viking Ship Tokens to dice, card holders and battle cards. The rules are very clear and straightforward, the components are fantastic, and I really like the way they used the Movement cards and the Action cards in the design (even though I have concerns about their power).

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