Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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Fascinating account by a dentist who traveled the world in the 1930-40s to examine communities which remained isolated from modern food and diet (refined flour, sugar, processed oils and meats). If you are interested in learning more about the connection between diet and health - this is a classic.

In another series of photos we see a boy aged 5 (not from any of the “primitive” societies) who suffered from inflammatory rheumatism, arthritis and “heart involvement”. Wherever he went: Fiji, Congo, Peru, Loetschental valley and Gaelic islands, the findings were similar. So this should really have been an amazing finding to educate people of the time and instruct how we conduct our societies and sort out what we eat, because what is the point of civilisation? Chris and Gill will be delving into the fat soluble vitamins and their essential role within optimising gene expression throughout the body.

And what these people can teach us, not just about diet, but about a whole way of living which I think would make the majority of people healthier and happier.

It remains the basic book in this area and is essential reading for those concerned with food and health. NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION is the basic foundation for the Traditional Foods Movement and also the Paleo Movement. Imagine that you are a dentist treating tooth decay (dental caries) and you decide to investigate the root causes, and discover that primitive and isolated tribes do not have tooth decay. What modern technology does not recognize is that many primitive societies have knowledge that have been passed on from millenia in which to base their vital health. Not only did he find that they had much lower levels of tooth decay, they actually had a much lower level of general illness, and were usually fitter, healthier, happier people.Even though we can all look around and see how far we've come as a society in so many ways, this book shows how there are some ways in which we have degressed. It’s a pity I didn’t manage to read much of the book, since it proved really interesting, and contains, as can be seen from the above, not only material about how to improve one’s teeth through good diet but also much about the improvement of general health and healing of diseases. The native tribes of Eastern and Central Africa used large quantities of sweet potato, beans and some cereals, when they were living sufficiently near fresh water streams and lakes large quantities of fish were eaten, goats or cattle, or both, were domesticated by many tribes, other tribes used wild animal life quite liberally. While these products still have calories and are sufficient to produce heat and energy in a human body, the minerals originally found in them have been either destroyed or removed. By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Children born under the primitive diets were healthier, stronger, and had resistance to cavities, while children born under the modern diets had stunted bone development, high disease (tuberculosis was particularly common) susceptibility, and low cavity resistance. But the really interesting stuff was his data on physical development in people who had gone from traditional (aka "primitive") diets to modern diets and then back again.In this webinar, Chris and Gill will be exploring fat soluble vitamins and their role in preventing chronic diseases. There is a real sense of horror, chapter after chapter, of seeing the after-effects of modern foods on various peoples. I really think it’s something that should be taken more seriously because it’s not only a lack of tooth decay – which let’s face it would be great – tooth decay is something that I have struggled with personally and it’s horrible, it’s miserable. Modern science is quite obviously incapable of giving us complete answers to our nutritional questions.

Children (and the adults they become) with birth defects, deformed palates, rotted, missing teeth and ill-health. Isolating variables in human being living habits is next to impossible and why spend all your time trying to do that to cure sick people when instead you can go hunting for healthy people and learn from them?New Expanded 2008 Version New cover, Fifty-six New Photos never before put into print First published in 1939, this monumental but highly readable book is designed to preserve the classic study of Dr.

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